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Products introduced
AK-PW8 power module
  • Functional features :
    • 8 Lu strong or weak electricity switching call volume control;
    • Within the definition of logic switches moves (efficient, time-series switches, synchronous movement for, etc.);
    • 8 Lu took time series switches power control function can be used time series devices;
    • Using internal RS485 hours address forms can be linked to the level of 16 Taiwan equipment;
    • Surface with the red / blue and red power instructions / light blue relays switches;
    • A manual and computer software, control or management functions at the same time;
    • Equipment wiring convenience only need to install the wiring boxes opened small piece can be transferred ID codes and wiring without opening
    • Entire surface casing;
    • Equipment with the installation of wall structures, the wall can be placed or installed;
    • The last state to preserve power functions;
    • With AKCC, Crestron, AMX, about U.S. special, creator of wisdom central control system or computer
    • Software control;
    • The products used in lighting switches, curtains rehabilitation, screen-and large-projector and electric hanger -
    • He switches from remote-control occasion.

    (Note : product specifications to the physical characteristics of date)

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