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AK-6390 Central control system
  • The AK-6390 is an integrated control system with matrix switcher
  • module. This structure makes the controll and switching of A/V
  • devices independently and freely.
  • With Product/VGA matrix switcher interface, programmable multi-control
  • ports and relay control, this control system has not only the sources
  • switching function in PC series, but also the powerful programmable
  • capability. AK-6390 is the best solution for medium and small size
  • multi-media classrooms and conference rooms. All-in-one control is
  • not a dream now.
  • Lu fired six independent programmable infrared interface can control
  • multiple infrared equipment;
  • Integrated 6 x 2 video matrix and 8 x 2 audio matrix
  • Integrated 2 x 1+1 VGA matrix,with connect port for digital visualizer
  • Integrated IR learning module with a smart IR-learning button on the
  • front panel
  • 6 IR control output connectors
  • 1 microphone input connectors
  • Built-in projector bulbs lapse circuit testing, achieving full protection of
  • electric screens and projection; even moving
  • Introduction of joint control of a key management functions;
  • Embedded electric screens, projectors lapse supply, equipment supply,
  • Gongfang power control;
  • Embedded professional digital sound, sound control module;
  • Can get infrared codes derived equipment for the preservation and large
  • installed;
  • Embedded control multiple projectors RS-232 code, the projector is
  • installed;
  • Powerful network functions, improve peripheral equipment, stable and
  • reliable machine performance;
  • This system applies to the training room, small conference rooms,
  • primary and secondary schools and classrooms, and other places call.
  • High-quality, mass-produced, high compatibility and stability, a higher
  • Xingjiabi

    Power scope :

  • AC:180-240V

Machine dimension

  • 480 (long) x 2.8 (width) x 95 (high) mm

  • AK-6390 central control server
  • AST-39A control panels
  • Computer control software

(Note : product specifications to the physical characteristics of date)

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